Submission Guidelines

Lunaris Review accepts submissions in all fiction, non-fiction, art/photography and poetry categories except erotica and chic lit. Because of the new biannual schedule of publication, we have a structured submission window.

Submission windows

We are now receiving submissions for Issue 17.

  • January Issue: August 1 – November 30 [Closed]
  • July Issue: February 1 – May 31 [Open]


Submission Guidelines

  • We accept only electronic submissions. All submissions should be sent to
  • The subject of the mail should include the title of the submitted piece, the name of the submitter, and the category to which it belongs, and should be in CAPS. For example, LOSING LINDA – PAM MUNTER.
  • All submissions should be emailed as attachments, accompanied by a cover, and all files/documents attached should be saved as a word document, titled the name of the contributor, and should include a short bio of not more than 100 words.
  • Simultaneous submissions are welcomed as long as notice is given by way of an email of such status upon submission and upon acceptance of the submitted piece elsewhere.
  • All rights revert back to authors after publication, and should the submitted piece be published elsewhere at a later date, Lunaris Review should be acknowledged as the first publisher.
  • Entries submitted should be previously unpublished, and plagiarized pieces are highly frowned upon.
  • Submitted works should be properly edited and well-formatted.
  • Lunaris Review as a matter of policy doesn’t send rejection letters; thus, if you didn’t hear from us four months after submission, it’s safe to assume that your submission hasn’t been considered for publication, but we assure you we sieve through all submissions. However, feel free to query the status of your submission after the stipulated waiting period.
  • Submitted pieces are sure to be edited. Thus, reserve the right to copy-edit your work before publishing it. Any significant changes to content will be approved by the author prior to publication.
  • We also reserve the right to use your work in all promotional materials for the magazine. We do not charge submission fees nor pay contributors for now but would put up necessary information should/whenever that changes
  • Kindly wait until the publication of two issues before resubmitting if you’ve been published before.

Fiction guidelines:

Submissions are accepted in all categories except the aforementioned. Fiction should be innovative, experimental, and bold in its approach. Works should be formatted appropriately, carefully vetted for errors, and justified. We accept works between 500-5,000 words.


The same rule applies to the poetry category, except that lines of poetry should not be more than 20, and as many as 2-6 poems can be submitted.


We favour the personal essay and other creative non-fictional categories that are written around the human condition and ideas. We are not conservative, so we prefer non-fictions that employ human narratives to expound on aspects of existence compared to traditional non-fiction narratives. Pieces between 1,000-5,000 words are preferred.

Arts and Photography:

We accept up to 5 high-quality photographs and art pieces attached as JPEG and PNG files.