Issue 9

…On rainy mornings
I want to be the poet
with a lover
in my arms,
and a poem
on my lips…

The above lines from Fatima Shahzad’s poem, “Musings”, is one of the multiple reasons I can’t deny myself the ever-longing, ever-belonging and the ever-growing exuberance in this Issue Nine of Lunaris Review.

Gathering muscles and skins out of dried and wet tongues, Lunaris Review has since its inception set itself apart in terms of how a journal’s artistic and aesthetic bountifulness should be stared at in binoculars of magic and splendour – leaving the cosmos of the literatures longing for more.

What we cannot deny every writer in this present globalized acquiescence of flair is that uniqueness a particular voice and style comes with. And this vanguard is what Lunaris Review as a body of literature encompasses its conscience with.

From the star-like spark in the work of Ogochukwu Nwafor downstream to the pilomotor reflex in the work of Eniola Cole, there is a slice of glee and quizzing introspection in every work that firms its soul in Lunaris Review’s Issue Nine.

Dear reader, this issue is for you and yours only; it was with this transporting readership that this has come into bearing with harmony and publication.

Abeiku Arhin Tsiwah
University of Cape Coast, Ghana