Issue 6

There are no limitations to writing; there are, however, limitations to how we would want divorcés to be remarried in the cup of our writings. These and many more thoughts and huge (im)balances are subjected to the mastery of the writer.

This 6th Issue of Lunaris Review has created a different margin of how incredibly different Arts could be merged to create auxiliaries of aesthetics that appeal not only to sight but to sensibilities; sensitivities.

Who can resist the charm and therapeutic enthrallment that ignites from the works of Bikram Kumar Mohapatra especially, “Bare Solitude”? The first line of “A Divine Tragedy” as poignantly inscribed by Dhee Sylvester is mind confinement – eluding a certain feel that subdues. P.D. Prasad makes you not only admire nature in an artistic way, instead his pizzaz makes one to appreciate nature in a way that deadens the figment of the mind; the strokes, the reality and the impression are simply gluing! The imagistic allurement of Susannah Chovnick’s “Learning to Fly” does not only whets, but induces a kind of crave to explore the knots embedded line after line.

This 6th issue is a bouquet of flavoured and colourful works that would leave readers awed for as long as they read and re-read. To those who entrusted us their works; those who gave us the opportunity to share their creativity, we at Lunaris Review are most grateful for the confidence you keep exuding in us. To our liefling readers, thank you for your consistent support; enjoy another collection of sheen works.

Abeiku Arhin Tsiwah
Poetry Editor,
Lunaris Review