Issue 4

Dear Readers,

We strive to satiate your thirst for fine artistry with every issue; again we have broken grounds and done a bit more to harness the best of creativity surging through our sphere. Although, ―selecting (from the hundreds of submissions) for every issue of Lunaris Review is like dribbling a lip pass a lactating teat, the harder the drilling effort, the better the process yields.‖ (Nana Arhin Tsiwah)

Consequently, we are confident and delighted to present the astounding Issue 4 of Lunaris Review, which houses astounding works that make a fine-tuned stretch of art graced with brilliant aestheticism. Or better still ―texts that are psycho-philosophical explorations, bordering on re-imaging and re-imagining‖ (Damilare Bello) and ―stories that are complex, encompassing religion and science, and then ending with self questioning, and beautifully‖. (Andanje Wobanda) More so, sprinkled in flourishing abundance are poetic gospels that ―reveal the true beauty of life…with deep imagery‖ (Adedamola Adefolahan) and artworks ―very pleasing to the eye, yet aggressive and aesthetically powerful!… Demeanour of Art that floors one with a pattern of warm glory and horizontal images. (Artist Carol Brown)

For this reason, we are inestimably grateful to those who entrusted us their works and those who gave us the opportunity to share their creativity.

In addition, I would like to use this medium to appreciate the tireless effort of the editorial team and in welcoming the new Managing Editor of Lunaris Review, Eniola Cole, who has been responsible for the coordination of the journal‘s affair.

Dear readers, we urge your continual readership and support alike, and we would rather allow the issue speaks for itself than engage you in a long-winded enticing narrative.

Do have a blissful reading.


Tolulope Oke
Founding Editor/Publisher,
Lunaris Review