Issue 11

The year 2020 promises a lot of exciting things, and we are delighted. If 2019 is any indication, there is a lot Lunaris Review has to offer. The hiatus has been long, but it has not been without a substantial reason. A lot of changes have happened in the course of the break in publication. While it seemed the hiatus over-stayed its welcome, we are grateful for the changes that have happened over the course of the ‘holidays’.

In 2015, when the plan to start LUNARIS was hatched, with Lunaris Review being its kickoff project, we knew it would open doors for other plans to be accommodated under the LUNARIS initiative, many we couldn’t answer at that point. 2019 came with proposals and several brain-storming sessions, and one of the plans fell in place. In 2020, LUNARIS would be organizing its first prize in honour of the distinguished historian Professor Toyin Falola. This development coincides with LUNARIS’ plan to generate ideas and facilitate initiatives that would contribute to the sustenance and promotion of Literature in Africa and beyond. It has always been the defining creed in which LUNARIS is anchored. This is why when Lunaris Review opened its submission windows, it was to creatives within and beyond the shores of the continent, a gap that needed to be filled at that point, even till now.

Apart from a new website, additional team members whose energy and creativity match the vision of Lunaris Review, and a new submissions window structure, much still remains the same with regard to commitment and art offerings. Lunaris Review’s mission remains the same. The Issue 11 supports this. We have collected a select number of fine poetry and prose to usher you into the New Year, just as we have always done. Much still remains to be seen from LUNARIS, but for now, enjoy this new issue.
Happy New Year!

Damilare Bello,
Managing Editor