Issue 1

As a body of ingenious enterprise, Lunaris Review has positioned itself in the achievement of an aim. That which is to share ingenuity and inventiveness, without forgetting the needful: satiating the readers’ thirst along this chosen path to becoming an enabling platform where astounding creativity is sought, and interstices between artists (creative minds) and readers (the creative populace) are finally bridged.

We have remained true to the course; undaunted as the clouds gather, covering sunrays, and the heavens tendering the earth while we plough its abundant terra prima for its bounties. Yet, the cycle remains incomplete and the mission unaccomplished without us bringing you the few and fresh tendering we have gathered from the numerous.

For these, we at Lunaris Review owe the numerous contributors (of the declined submissions inclusive) inestimable appreciation for entrusting us to share their creativity.

(Dear readers), it is with utmost delight that we present and share with you the Maiden/First Issue of Lunaris Review. The First Issue is a collection of awesome photography, poetry, flash fiction, meta- flash fiction, creative non-fiction, and short story with deeply profound, although diverse, but interconnected thematic pre-occupations that we as a race of distinctly unique peoples have come to known as integral parts of our sojourn through life. Premises such as ignorance, mysticism, beauty, betrayal, revenge, love, pain, collectivism, neo-imperialism etc, have been balanced with various artistic embroideries, that our editors have simply themed the Issue as one giant approach to life and its duplicities.

This step marks the initiation of the Lunaris Review’s cycle. As the Moon wanes to wax stronger, we hope to overrun your chalice with better tendering of creativity at the turn of the second issue. Therefore, we admonish you to stay the course and walk this illuminating path with us.

Do have a pleasant read.

Thank you.


Tolulope Oke
Publisher/Founding Editor,
Lunaris Review